Northern Pride Communications’ owners are committed to providing a safe work environment for their employees. We believe that accidents and injuries can and must be prevented. While the owners assume responsibility for safety at the highest level of ethical standards, responsibility for safety is shared throughout the company.

The Safety Director works with management to ensure that employees are appropriately screened, trained, and habituated to utilizing all safety procedures. Safety programming and hazard assessment are ongoing processes that evolve with the technical changes and demands of the industry.

NPC’s culture of safety is maintained through weekly safety meetings, daily job site safety analysis and tailgate meetings which address any site specific hazards. The Safety Director and company owners perform unannounced site safety audits to ensure compliance with safety policies.

Employees are required to report all accidents and near misses immediately. Follow-up includes a detailed analysis of all possible contributing factors. The follow-up discussion results in the development of new safety policies, procedures and training. The entire staff have the responsibility to utilize the personal protective equipment which they have been supplied and trained to use. They are expected to demonstrate an appropriate attitude toward safety for themselves and those around them. It is expected that seasoned crew members will mentor the novices.

NPC recognizes inherent risks involved in working at heights in remote areas in a wide range of weather conditions as well as risks in the natural environment that include those associated with animals, insects, and vegetation. These topics are often discussed to maintain a high level of awareness and minimize response times by appropriate planning and training.


Safety First

We take all the steps to make your project a safe work environment and its shows.

We are an approved vendor for American Tower, SBA and Crown Castle and have a current EMR of .70

Safety Training

  • CPR and First Aid Training
  • Wilderness First Aid Training
  • Tower Climber Certification and Tower Rescue
  • RF Awareness Programs
  • 10 Hour OSHA Construction Safety
  • 30 Hour OSHA Supervisor Safety
  • Qualified Signal and Rigger Training


Equipment Checks

  • Pre-climb check of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) by climbers
  • Monthly gear bag checks (PPE) by a Safety Officer
  • Monthly inspection of tools and ladders

Safety Meetings

  • Weekly in depth industry specific and general construction topics
  • Daily job site Tailgate Meetingsent (PPE) by climbers